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Sofia Vergara Goes Topless

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The nuns at her former Catholic school must be crossing themselves with shame, while us guys in the real world are just staring and drooling, or probably jerking off, because of these raunchy images of Sofia Vergara.  She’s not content with just showing off her fine behind anymore.  Now she’s really expressing her sexuality and pleasing the male half of the general public by flashing her luscious titties!

Yes, Sofia Vergara’s juicy melons are now out in the open for everyone to enjoy, and they are as mouth watering as we’ve all fantasized them to be, based on these pics.  In both professionally-shot and candid photos, this voluptuous Latina really makes our fantasies come true, because those bosoms that have always been covered up before can now be added to the image bank in our head that we always use when it’s time to spank the monkey.

What’s next?  We can only hope for more of Sofia Vergara nude, like in those other pics over in that link I just posted.  Now those are the kind of pics I’d love to see more of, though these yummy peeks at her twin peaks are also a very nice treat.  What can we say, Sofia Vergara makes us horny, and I bet she does the same to you too!

Sofia Vergara Loves Showing Off Her Ass

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Just go through your collection of Sofia Vergara pictures and photos and you’ll know what I mean.  I’m sure part of her penchant for showing off her booty is the photographer’s instructions, but I bet she doesn’t really have to be told, because she knows she’s got a fine ass and she wants every horndog out there to know it.

Sofia Vergara’s a nice, traditional Catholic girl, who even got permission from the nuns at her school before accepting her first modelling assignment, I’ve heard.  So why would she want to expose her posterior so prominently every time she poses for the camera?  Well, that’s your answer right there — she was a good Catholic schoolgirl.  Everybody knows what happens to girls when they get placed in Catholic schools and have their natural urges repressed

Yes, they become secret sluts who just have to get naughty, much naughtier than if they were left to develop naturally and without any dogma about how dirty sex is.  I’m thinking that’s why Sofia Vergara is flaunting that heinie every chance she gets.  But hey, whatever the reason, I don’t think anyone’s complaining, right?  I could look at that ass all day and wank myself silly, whether she’s covering it up with a bikini or flashing it while it’s bare.  and yes, I can completely ignore that gorilla in the background, no problem.

Want to see more of that naked rump?  Then click on this link and prepare yourself for some lip-smackin’ Sofia Vergara booty!