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Sofia Vergara Lesbian Escapades

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Now I don’t know much about Sofia Vergara’s marriage, other than it happened when she was eighteen, and it ended very shortly after, although she was married long enough to be impregnated and bear a son.  Now as far as I know, she hasn’t had a really significant relationship since then, although as a hot Latina, she’s dated a lot of guys ranging from Craig David to Tyrese Gibson to her co-star on “Knights of Prosperity“, Donal Logue.  She even hooked up with Tom Cruise for a while in 2005, although as everyone knows, that was just a cover for Tom, who isn’t into dating humans.

Well, if she wasn’t serious about all those guys, who is she waiting for?  How about the right girl?  Yeah, as seen in these images, Sofia Vergara makes a really smokin’ hot lesbian, and it’s the muff-diving lifestyle that’s probably keeping her from going out and procreating, which is what good Catholics usually do.  So are all those other guys a cover for her Sapphic relationships?  Well, she’s a sexy Latina who’s so muy caliente, that I think she craves for cock just as much as pussy.  But who wants to have one around the house, right?

Well, as long as there are hot lezzie pics of Sofia Vergara romping in the nude with other sexy female hotties, then we say more power to her and her lesbian affairs.  Our fave Sapphic session of hers is one by the pool with another raunchy Latina babe, Ana dela Reguera.  They look so fine when they’re naked and together like that.  When I see Sofia squirting some lotion on her bodacious ass, waiting for Ana to rub it all over, I’m squirting too, though it’s not lotion of course.  Check out more of Sofia Vergara’s steamy carnal affairs on this link and see if you can control your urges for long.  I bet not!