Sofia Vergara Nude

If you’re here for some Sofia Vergara nude action, then you’ve come to the right place.  We all lust after this sizzling hot Colombian model, which is why we’re here, so come on in and enjoy this tribute to one sexy and successful Latina!

As any but the most casual fan knows, Sofia was born in Colombia, where she lived a normal life up until her college years, which was when she also got married, had a child, and split with her husband, all the while taking up a pre-dentistry course.  And then fate reached his hand down (probably because he just had to squeeze her juicy boobies), and Sofia was discovered by some talent scout while she was walking along the beach.

Well, with an infant son to take care of, there really wasn’t any choice in the matter, and so Sofia made the move to Bogota, and there she worked the runway and also made her mark on television, as a co-host on “Fuera de Serie“, which had her travel to exotic destinations around the world.  With her exposure on this show and on “A Que no te Atreves“, she became a star in Latin America, which emboldened her to try her luck in the North American market.

And as it turned out, this sexy cutie didn’t just have looks, she also had talent — for broad physical comedy.  Her auditions for Hollywood productions bagged her a part on 2002’s “Big Trouble“, which became her big screen.  With its ensemble cast of well-known actors like Tim Allen and Rene Russo, it was a great start for this Colombian beauty.  More funny roles followed as she got recognized for her ease at comedy, with “Chasing Papi“, “Soul Plane” and some sitcom appearances.  Of course now that she’s an established Hollywood performer, she’s also tried more serious parts, like her role in John Singleton’s “Four Brothers“.

Of course throughout her success on the big screen and on TV, she’s always been a favorite of all the horndogs out there, consistently ranking in the Top 100 hottest babe polls of various men’s magazines like FHM and Maxim.  That’s why there’s a Sofia Vergara Nude website, because there’s just no resisting her and her tight, voluptuous body.  Despite the cancellation of her “Knights of Prosperity” sitcom after just 13 episodes, we’re sure we’re still going to see a lot more of this babe, and we’re already licking our lips in anticipation of her next appearance.