Sofia Vergara ass-fucked and facialed

November 3rd, 2016 by J

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She takes it like a champ and will even grind her sexy ass on her man’s cock just so it gets as deep as she wanted it and squirm like a teen chick experiencing anal sex for the first time. Sofia Vergara wraps up her day giving head and getting her bunghole stuffed.

Busty Sofia Vergara gets picked up for a hot quickie

June 16th, 2016 by J

If there’s one naughty secret we ought to know about Sofia Vergara, it’s her fondness  with men who are called Joe. She has this feeling that every single Joe she meets is really meant to cross her path, given that her first marriage was with a Joe and now she recently tied the knot with hunk Joe Manganiello. It came to a point that it became some kinda inside joke with her whenever she teases friends and tell them she needs a cup of Joe. We all know that she meant an entirely different kind of fix. And just like any other day when she meets such man, she can’t help but have a go with whatever they offer as long as she’s totally gonna benefit from it.

Hot and horny Sofia Vergara takes it rough from behind in wild pick up sex

Sassy and smart, that’s how we all love her, and she returns the lovin’ by giving us something to enjoy. Some horny Joe picked her up from a park and they end up having hardcore quickie somewhere they could freely moan and groan with every thrust. Of course Vergara was satisfied after getting drilled doggystyle and taking her loot.

Sofia Vergara’s huge sweater tits

April 29th, 2010 by sofie

If I were to imagine Sofia Vergara, I’d instantly think a pair of melon tits with a human attached to it. Because that’s what Sofia is. She’s a trotting caricature of boobs that gave birth to a female body. It’s by no means freaky or disturbing, just sexy as hell. Even if she’s dressed so unflatteringly in sweats and looking like an unemployed mother of four, the most prominent thing about her are still her tits. Look at her, tapping away at her oversized guns, like she knows she’s got something precious and coveted by men all over the world, and she ain’t quite selfless enough to give it away just yet.

But even if Sofia Vergara’s tits are tucked away deep in the cornices of her gym sweaters, you can still imagine them sitting plainly, large and urging to be touched. You only have to click once to see the rest of Sofia Vergara’s tits caught by the paparazzi.

Sofia Vergara: Latina Hottie

July 10th, 2009 by sofie

When you see a hottie like Sofia Vergara, it’s very hard not to stare, and even harder to look away. She is so fucking hot, she stops people on their tracks whenever she passes by. Her smooth body, perfect perky tits, and bouncy bubble butt makes a recipe for one hot temptress! She is effortlessly sexy and when she looks you in the eyes your knees are guaranteed to weaken as if your getting a blowjob deluxe.

But the real aspect about Sofia that makes her a sex icon is the fact that she’s a lesbian. Oh yes! Nothing like one hot sphinx turning her back to the boys and chasing after hot girls like her. Just imagining her having a make-out session with another voluptuous model makes me cream in my pants instantly!

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Sofia Vergara Lesbian Escapades

October 23rd, 2008 by sofie

Now I don’t know much about Sofia Vergara’s marriage, other than it happened when she was eighteen, and it ended very shortly after, although she was married long enough to be impregnated and bear a son.  Now as far as I know, she hasn’t had a really significant relationship since then, although as a hot Latina, she’s dated a lot of guys ranging from Craig David to Tyrese Gibson to her co-star on “Knights of Prosperity“, Donal Logue.  She even hooked up with Tom Cruise for a while in 2005, although as everyone knows, that was just a cover for Tom, who isn’t into dating humans.

Well, if she wasn’t serious about all those guys, who is she waiting for?  How about the right girl?  Yeah, as seen in these images, Sofia Vergara makes a really smokin’ hot lesbian, and it’s the muff-diving lifestyle that’s probably keeping her from going out and procreating, which is what good Catholics usually do.  So are all those other guys a cover for her Sapphic relationships?  Well, she’s a sexy Latina who’s so muy caliente, that I think she craves for cock just as much as pussy.  But who wants to have one around the house, right?

Well, as long as there are hot lezzie pics of Sofia Vergara romping in the nude with other sexy female hotties, then we say more power to her and her lesbian affairs.  Our fave Sapphic session of hers is one by the pool with another raunchy Latina babe, Ana dela Reguera.  They look so fine when they’re naked and together like that.  When I see Sofia squirting some lotion on her bodacious ass, waiting for Ana to rub it all over, I’m squirting too, though it’s not lotion of course.  Check out more of Sofia Vergara’s steamy carnal affairs on this link and see if you can control your urges for long.  I bet not!

Sofia Vergara Goes Topless

October 23rd, 2008 by sofie

The nuns at her former Catholic school must be crossing themselves with shame, while us guys in the real world are just staring and drooling, or probably jerking off, because of these raunchy images of Sofia Vergara.  She’s not content with just showing off her fine behind anymore.  Now she’s really expressing her sexuality and pleasing the male half of the general public by flashing her luscious titties!

Yes, Sofia Vergara’s juicy melons are now out in the open for everyone to enjoy, and they are as mouth watering as we’ve all fantasized them to be, based on these pics.  In both professionally-shot and candid photos, this voluptuous Latina really makes our fantasies come true, because those bosoms that have always been covered up before can now be added to the image bank in our head that we always use when it’s time to spank the monkey.

What’s next?  We can only hope for more of Sofia Vergara nude, like in those other pics over in that link I just posted.  Now those are the kind of pics I’d love to see more of, though these yummy peeks at her twin peaks are also a very nice treat.  What can we say, Sofia Vergara makes us horny, and I bet she does the same to you too!

Sofia Vergara Loves Showing Off Her Ass

October 23rd, 2008 by sofie

Just go through your collection of Sofia Vergara pictures and photos and you’ll know what I mean.  I’m sure part of her penchant for showing off her booty is the photographer’s instructions, but I bet she doesn’t really have to be told, because she knows she’s got a fine ass and she wants every horndog out there to know it.

Sofia Vergara’s a nice, traditional Catholic girl, who even got permission from the nuns at her school before accepting her first modelling assignment, I’ve heard.  So why would she want to expose her posterior so prominently every time she poses for the camera?  Well, that’s your answer right there — she was a good Catholic schoolgirl.  Everybody knows what happens to girls when they get placed in Catholic schools and have their natural urges repressed

Yes, they become secret sluts who just have to get naughty, much naughtier than if they were left to develop naturally and without any dogma about how dirty sex is.  I’m thinking that’s why Sofia Vergara is flaunting that heinie every chance she gets.  But hey, whatever the reason, I don’t think anyone’s complaining, right?  I could look at that ass all day and wank myself silly, whether she’s covering it up with a bikini or flashing it while it’s bare.  and yes, I can completely ignore that gorilla in the background, no problem.

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